The T-SPOT®.TB test is the only TB test with sensitivity of 98.8% and specificity above 99%.1

  • Samples are accepted before 2:00 pm Monday through Saturday (excluding public holidays)
  • Complete one Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories Request Form for each patient to be tested. To obtain a Request Form, please contact our Customer Service Team on 01235 433164, or email
    • When sending many samples, form completion can be simplified by entering core details then photocopying prior to entering individual patient identification
  • Only whole blood samples collected in lithium heparin, sodium heparin, or sodium citrate tubes are accepted
    • Typically, in immunocompetent patients, sufficient peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) to perform the T-SPOT.TB test can be obtained with the following age-dependent guidelines:
      • Adults and children ≥ 10 years of age: 6 mL
      • Children ≥2 to <10 years of age: 4 mL
      • Children <2 years of age: 2 mL
    • Please note: The above guidelines may be insufficient in immunocompromised patients with low numbers of PBMCs. Therefore, it may be advisable to collect double the recommended blood volume for immunocompromised patients
    • Label blood tube(s) with patient ID matching that stated on the Request Form. Do not, under any circumstances provide the laboratory with any means of identifying the patient sample by name
    • Fax, call or email Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories prior to sending the sample(s)
    • Store sample(s) upright at room temperature until dispatch

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