The T-SPOT®.TB test is the only TB test with sensitivity of 98.8% and specificity above 99%.1

Oxford Immunotec were selected by NHS England and Public Health England to provide tuberculosis (TB) testing for persons recently immigrating to England as part of their strategy for TB control. Despite the commitment of those delivering and organising TB services, the TB rates in England have remained high (amongst the highest in Western Europe). This strategy represents a significant initiative in the fight to ultimately eliminate TB as a public health problem in England.

Oxford Immunotec were appointed in six out of eight regions to help execute this strategy. Through our experience in working with various areas, it has become apparent that the implementation of the new entrant LTBI screening programme can be challenging. The case study summary below shows an overview of how four CCGs based in different regions across England have used a range of strategies to help apply this programme:

TB-UK-FLY-MPN100-0001 V2 2019

If you are interested in finding out more about any of the particular strategies mentioned in the above piece, please fill out the following form to download the full case studies:

Bradford case study - Directly refer candidates to central hubs with multiple clinics / Use historical data to target the largest numbers
Wolverhampton case study - Partner with local third party organisations
Birmingham case study - Deliver programme locally through GP surgeries
Greenwich case study- Use historical data to target the largest number

Further information on the NHS England and Public Health England TB control strategy:

Winning bidders in each region were selected on the basis of service capability, quality and price. Oxford Immunotec will provide T-SPOT®.TB testing services from its Oxford Diagnostic Laboratories (ODL®) in the United Kingdom.

ODL will provide educational, administrative and logistical support to the local implementation teams.

For further information please contact 01235 442780 or email

If you require more information on the NHS programme please visit NHS England FAQ Page.


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